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About Hospital
About Hospital


Mukherjee Hospitals, established by Dr. Alka Mukherjee and Arup Mukherjee in 1996 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, holding an aggregate bed capacity of over 15 hospital beds. Mukherjee Hospital recognition as a multispecialty hospital in the Indian healthcare industry was envisioned by its founder Dr. Alka Mukherjee and Arup Mukherjee.

Our Approach to Healthcare

Patient centric care through professional and ethical approach is the hallmark of Mukherjee Hospitals

Modest Beginning & Thundering Success

Mukherjee Hospitals is a world renowned Gynocology Centre today establishing many records. Since 1996 we have successfully performed thousands of Gynocology Cases, and the number is on the rise day by day.

A True Multispecialty Hospital Chain

Mukherjee Hospital encompass a large range of specialties:

  • Complete Pregnancy Management
  • Infertility Management with IUI Lab
  • MTP & Family Planning Centre(Abortion,Vasectomy)
  • Colposcopy & Cancer Detection Centre
  • Baby Care & Immunization
  • Adolescent Clinic & Immunization - Rubella, HPV, Hep-B (Age Group 9-19)
  • Menopause clinic & health at 40+
  • Premarriage Counselling
  • Breast Clinic - Management of Breast Tumours & Cancer
  • Hystrectomy (Abdominal, Vaginal Laparoscopy)
  • PCOS Management in all age groups
  • Surgical Facility - Appendix, Hernia,Gall Bladder
  • sonography
  • pathology
medical store Etc.& other avenues of treatment at Mukherjee Hospital. Mukherjee Hospital multi-specialty corporate hospital concept has been constantly getting appreciation from patients who get holistic expert healthcare solutions under one roof.


“Leveraging global leadership in Joint replacement to establish multi-specialty care across geographies.”


“Exceeding expectation from health.”


We value each and every human life placed in our hands and constantly work towards meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders by raising the standards of our service deliveries , every time.